• Limitless multi-server and multi-site solution: XProtect Corporate supports an unlimited number of users, cameras, servers and sites. It allows the expansion of any installation as it is required
  • Centralized management: A Management Client connected to the management server enables full remote system configuration of all recording servers, failover servers, devices, rules, schedules and user rights
  • High availability – failover recording servers: A redundancy option for recording servers to ensure maximum system uptime while minimizing video interruption in the event of system problems. Operates in two failover modes: cold stand-by and hot stand-by
  • Milestone Interconnect™: A unique system concept that allows all Milestone VMS, Milestone Arcus™ appliances and Milestone Husky™ NVRs to be interconnected with XProtect Corporate to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites
  • Milestone Federated Architecture™: System concept that enables multiple individual XProtect Corporate and XProtect® Expert systems to be connected with a central XProtect Corporate system in a hierarchical architecture for infinite scalability and central management
  • Alarm Manager: Single-point alarm function that provides a consolidated and clear overview of security and system-related alarms
  • XProtect Smart Wall: Flexible and hardware independent video wall feature that seamlessly integrates with the Management Client and XProtect Smart Client
  • Metadata support: Supports reception, storage and export of metadata, including metadata from camera-resided video analytics and location data in Video Push from Milestone Mobile
  • Evidence Lock: Secures availability of video for investigations by overriding normal video retention and grooming policies
  • Edge Storage: Uses camera-based storage as a complement to the central storage in the recording servers. Its flexible video retrieval can be based on time schedules, events or manual requests
  • Secure multi-stage storage: Unique data storage solution that combines superior performance and scalability with video data grooming for cost-efficient, long-term video storage, with the option to encrypt and digitally sign stored video and audio
VMS - Profesionalni VMS

Milestone XProtect


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